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The application and grinding process f superfine superfine grinding machine and its noise

Feb 04, 2018

The essence of superfine superfine grinding machine is a kind of crusher which can be used for superfine grinding, but it is different from ordinary superfine grinding machine.So in order for you to avoid confusion and to be familiar with and understand this kind of grinding machine, we are going to study it to do that.

1. What is the superfine detail in superfine superfine grinding machine?

The superfine detail in superfine superfine grinding machine is: using a closed solid body, the feeding tube and outlet pipe are set on the top, and the air intake duct is on the side.In addition, under the main body, there is a feed exit grinding disc, and the lower part of the grinder is connected by the drive motor to connect the reducer.The guide ring around the grinding disc is for intake duct intake.In this way, the superfine grinding  of materials is realized through these structures.


2. Which industries can superfine superfine grinding machine be used? Can Chinese herbs be pulverized with this kind of pulverizer?

Superfine superfine grinding machine is a kind of mill, which can be used in chemical, mineral, food, medicine, energy, pesticide, coating, dye and electronic industry.So it's very extensive in application.The pulverization of Chinese herbal medicine can be used with superfine superfine grinding machine, and there is no problem with it, but 304 stainless steel should be used in the crusher.


3. What is the main process of grinding by superfine superfine grinding machine?

The main process of superfine superfine grinding machine is: coarse grinding - grinding - superfine grinding.

In particular, the grinding effect is achieved by means of high speed shear and hammer blow and through the crushing and filtering of the sieve through the driving of strong airflow.And the equipment also has a dust collection device to avoid dust pollution.


4. Can you use grinding for grinding soybean milk?Is there any noise in the use of this type of crusher?

It is possible to use superfine superfine grinding machine for grinding soybean milk, and we can get small particles and pulp through high speed collision and crushing in the grinder.In addition, the superfine superfine grinding machine will not produce noise if it is properly vibrated during operation.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/