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The characteristics and application of square tube cutting machine

Apr 30, 2019

Square tube cutting machine: It is a kind of equipment that can automatically complete the intersecting line end of the other tube or the shaped tube, the intersecting line hole type, the pipe elbow (shrimp rice section) for cutting and processing. Intersecting line cutter assisted design programming software for use with this device is also a very important core accessory.

The machine is widely used in the cutting and processing of pipeline structural parts in the construction, chemical, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, electric power and other industries. In the past, most of these types of processing used backward and complicated operation techniques such as making samples, scribing, manual lofting, manual cutting, and manual grinding. The CNC square tube intersecting wire cutting machine can cut and process such workpieces very conveniently, without operator calculation and programming. It only needs to input the parameters such as the pipe radius and intersection angle of the pipe intersecting system, and the machine can automatically cut out the pipe joints. Lines, intersecting wire holes, and welding grooves. The numerical control pipe intersecting wire cutting machine adopts digital control, and the number of axes controlled by the equipment has two to six axes and other different models. Each type of machine realizes control shaft joint transportation during cutting and working hours, and has the functions of cutting various intersecting lines and intersecting holes; fixed angle groove, fixed point groove and variable angle groove cutting function; tube roundness and eccentricity compensation function .www.chamferingmachinechina.com