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The damage that the saw blade is not replaced or repaired in time

Sep 06, 2019

1. Impact on equipment

The saw blade has reached the condition of grinding. If it is not replaced and continues to be used, it will have a very serious impact on the overall performance of the device. Because the saw blade is no longer sharp, the force will be bigger and bigger, and the power required for operation will also be When it gets bigger, the friction will increase. If you continue to use it, it will speed up the aging of the equipment and increase the wear of each accessory!

2, the harm to cut off the workpiece

If the saw blade needs to be repaired without being replaced and continues to be used, it will generate a large friction force when the workpiece is sawed. Because the saw tooth becomes dull, the force of the sawing will also become larger, and the sawing force will be cut. The surface of the workpiece will be very matte and will produce burrs that should not be there!

3, causing a broken tooth or injury accident

When the saw blade reaches the grinding time, it will continue to be used, which will cause the saw blade to collapse or the whole to break! In severe cases, the base will crack and splash out of the device, causing injury!