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The difference between Square Billet Finishing Line and other finishing lines and whether it needs to be improved

Nov 19, 2018

The Square Billet Finishing Line is a series of finishing operations for the blank of the billet. Therefore, this finishing line is called a Square Billet Finishing Line, and it is a common and common type of finishing line. Since the specific type of finishing line is mentioned at the beginning of the article, let's take a closer look to understand the normal use and rational use of the product.


1. Is the Square Billet Finishing Line continuously improved and improved?

Square Billet Finishing Line, which has many applications in the industrial and mechanical fields, and can obtain the desired product by using this kind of finishing line, and further utilize the product. However, technology is constantly improving. In order to ensure product quality and performance, the Square Billet Finishing Line needs to be continuously improved and improved to improve its finishing process, thereby improving the performance and use of the finished product.


2. Is there a difference between billet, slab and tube blank? Is there a difference in the corresponding finishing line?

The billet has a square end or a relatively low aspect ratio material, which can be used as a wire. The slab is a blank having a large aspect ratio, which can be used as a coil or a wide plate and a strip, and the tube The billet has a circular cross section and can be used as a seamless steel pipe. Therefore, the three blanks are obviously different, and the corresponding finishing lines are the Square Billet Finishing Line, the slab finishing line and the tube blank finishing line, and from a professional point of view, there must be The difference, because of finishing materials, finishing processes and finishing equipment, will certainly be different.


3. Is the finishing of the wire and the finishing of the billet completely different?

The finishing of the wire is to carry out various finishing operations on the wire, and the finishing of the billet is the finishing operation of the billet, so on the finishing object, the two are different, and in the fine In the whole process, there are some similar processes, such as cleaning, polishing, cooling, correcting and straightening, and collecting and packaging. The same type of equipment may be used, but different types. Therefore, the finishing of the wire and the billet has the same point and difference, and the same is true for the wire and Square Billet Finishing Line.


4. Is there a difference between the finishing line of the plate and the Square Billet Finishing Line?

The finishing line of the medium and heavy plate is used for finishing the medium and thick plate, and can be finished according to different requirements of the user to meet different finishing requirements. For the Square Billet Finishing Line, the finishing object is a billet, and the billet may also be a medium-thick plate. Therefore, the finishing line of the medium-thick plate may be a Square Billet Finishing Line, and the Square Billet Finishing Line may also be Finishing line of plate.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/