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The difference between steel pipe production line and steel pipe finishing line

Mar 28, 2018

Steel pipe finishing equipment, which is a number of equipment for steel pipe finishing operations, and these equipment collectively referred to as steel pipe finishing equipment, so, to a certain extent, it is a generic reference, rather than refer to a specific equipment . Therefore, we should lower its awareness and understanding, and we should also proceed from the overall perspective. At the same time, we also hope that we can understand and master professional knowledge about steel pipe finishing equipment in a timely manner.


1. Is the steel pipe production line and steel pipe finishing line the same? And, what about steel pipe finishing equipment?

The steel pipe production line and steel pipe finishing line, although they all have steel pipes in their names, but in a strict sense, the two are different because the former is used to produce steel pipes, while the latter is The formed steel tube is subjected to a finishing operation to improve the quality and performance of the product. Therefore, similarly, the two steel pipe finishing equipment and steel pipe production lines are not the same.


2. Is there a steel pipe heading machine in steel pipe finishing equipment? Is it necessary equipment?

In steel pipe finishing equipment, there is a steel pipe heading machine. Therefore, it is one of steel pipe finishing equipment. Moreover, in the steel pipe finishing operation, it is necessary to have a machine equipment, so it can be said that the steel pipe heading machine, it is a necessary equipment in the steel pipe finishing, is one of the necessary equipment.


3. Automatic palletizing of steel pipes, is it included in the finishing of steel pipes?

Steel pipes, if they want to implement automatic palletizing, are used in steel pipe palletizers and they must be used. As to whether the palletizing machine belongs to steel pipe finishing equipment, if it is from a large scope, it can be considered as belonging to it, but from a professional perspective, it does not belong to steel pipe finishing equipment, but belongs to steel pipe transportation and storage equipment.


4. Is it possible to achieve automatic control on the finishing of steel tubes to increase work efficiency?

The finishing of the steel pipe will surely use the steel pipe finishing equipment. However, if you want to realize the automatic control of the finishing operation, you can install the PLC automatic control system on the finishing equipment to achieve this goal. Also, it is not complicated and difficult to carry out this operation, and it is easy to carry out.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/