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The difference between the chain cooling bed and roller cooling bed

Jan 27, 2018

The chain cooling bed, which is one of the cooling beds from a professional point of view, is still a common and commonly used category, so based on these two points it is necessary to familiarize ourselves with this type of cooling bed And, through this study, you can also increase your own professional knowledge, and at the same time, realize the application of knowledge and flexibility, so that you can benefit from it.


1. Chain cooling bed and roller cooling bed, these two are the same?

Chain cooling and roller cooling, the two are not the same, though, they all belong to the cooling bed. Moreover, from the structural performance and other aspects, there is a clear distinction. Therefore, between the two cooling beds, can not be equated, we can not be confused with them.


2. The basic understanding of the chain cooling bed, which is mainly included? And, whether it can use the dust collector?

The basic understanding of the chain cooling bed, its main, is the cooling bed structure, function, working principle and operational use of these specific aspects of the relevant knowledge to learn, understand and grasp, so that Kay knows it is What, and how, should be used properly and rationally. In addition, the main technical parameters of the chain cooling bed selection and calculation methods, but also have a correct understanding, and know how to proceed, so that can be considered a basic understanding of the chain cooling bed.


Chain cooling bed, it is possible to use this part of the dust collector device. Moreover, its selection requirements, is simple and convenient operation. Therefore, the pulse bag filter, you can. And, this kind of dust collector, is very suitable to use.


Resin sand regeneration line, whether there is chain cooling bed of this device? In addition, the use of water-cooled air chamber, what are the benefits?

Resin sand regeneration line, which is composed of the main fall sand machine, sand recycling machine, vibrating broken regenerator, two-stage rotary regenerator, ebullition cooling bed, sand temperature regulator and dense phase pneumatic conveying device and so on. Therefore, it does not contain chain cooling bed this one, but will use the boiling cooling bed this one.


Chain cooling bed, the use of water-cooled air chamber, the benefits it brings, there are two main reasons: First, the bed material can be well cooled, and then to avoid over-temperature due to coking and other issues. Second, it is the effective use of energy, so that you can avoid the waste of energy and improve the use of the chain cooling bed and the economic benefits of the product.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/