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The effect of chamfering machine on automobile gears

Sep 11, 2018

After chamfering the car gear, it can be improved in many ways. First of all, the chamfering action of the chamfering machine can effectively reduce the gear transmission noise. We know that the chamfering is chamfering along the direction of the tooth profile and the direction of the tooth, which removes the sharp corners and burrs, prevents the bumps in the production process from causing the tooth surface protrusions and affects the meshing precision and generates noise.


Secondly, after the chamfering machine is processed, the meshing accuracy of the gear can be improved, thereby reducing the meshing impact. This is because the chamfering of the tooth top avoids the interference of the tooth top and the root when the gear pair is meshed and transmitted, and prevents the meshing impact.


Third, after this process, the concentration of thermal stress can be effectively alleviated. That is to say, after the treatment by the chamfering machine, it is possible to prevent oxidative decarburization of the gear at the sharp corner of the gear in the heat treatment carburizing and quenching, and at the same time prevent and eliminate the occurrence of quenching cracking or cracking of the gear in the heat treatment carburizing and quenching.


In addition, the appearance of the appearance can be improved. Since the chamfering machine is processed, the aesthetics of the gear is improved, and the operator is prevented from scratching during the gear production process and assembly.https://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/