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The equipment and specific requirements used in some processes of the steel pipe finishing

Jan 31, 2018

The steel pipe finishing equipment, as the name implies, it is the equipment for the operation of the steel pipe, so for the sake of convenience, they are collectively referred to as the steel pipe finishing equipment.Since at the beginning of the article mentioned him, and also involves in the manufacture of the steel pipe, we might as well to learn and know about the below, which also can help people to the steel pipe finishing equipment has a preliminary understanding, and know how to use correctly.

1. Is there any special equipment to be used for the grinding and cutting of steel pipe in the steel pipe finishing?

The grinding and cutting of steel pipe in the steel pipe are used to complete these two operations, which belong to the steel pipe finishing equipment.For the purpose, the former is to eliminate the surface defects of the steel pipe to improve the surface quality of the steel pipe, while the latter is to improve the straightness of the steel pipe so as to carry on the follow-up operation.

There are some specific requirements for repairing grinding equipment in steel pipe finishing equipment:

(1) the surface defect of the steel pipe shall not be less than the negative deviation of the nominal wall thickness after the use of the grinding equipment, and the outside diameter of the grinding shall meet the requirements of the steel pipe outside diameter.

(2) there should be smooth surface in the grinding place after the grinding, if it is for the whole grinding, the surface of the steel tube shall not be burnt and polygon marks.

(3) the grinding scale is generally for depth: width: length =1:6:8;The number of repairs should not exceed the specified number.

2. What devices will be used for the shot blast on the surface of steel pipe?Is it a perfect steel pipe?

The steel pipe finishing includes the operation or process of the steel pipe surface.Its function is to remove the surface of the steel pipe by high speed injection of iron pills or quartz sand pills to improve the finish of the steel pipe surface.In addition, the quality and effect of the shot is the size and hardness of the pellet and the speed of its injection.

3. Is the steel pipe surface machined in the steel pipe finishing?

The machining of steel pipe surface is an important work in the finishing operation of steel pipe.However, it is necessary to see the specific requirements of the steel pipe. If necessary, it will be carried out, and the steel pipe finishing equipment will be used to finish the work.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/