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The finishing method choice of steel pipe finishing equipment and which materials are suitable

Jan 18, 2018

Steel pipe finishing equipment refers to a series of equipment for the finishing operation of the steel pipe, which is called the steel tube finishing equipment.So, what basic knowledge and understanding should we have about this kind of equipment and this operation?We will explain the relevant knowledge to this problem below ,so that we can learn the content both deepen the understanding and understanding of the steel pipe finishing equipment.

1. Is the rolling mill included in the steel pipe finishing equipment?

Steel pipe finishing equipment is mainly used to finishing the pipe, repair the appearance of the steel pipe, also improve the surface quality and performance.And mill is used for rolling work, therefore, it is in the steel pipe manufacturing, not in the steel pipe finishing.So the steel pipe finishing equipment does not include the rolling mill.

2. Should the fine finishing of the steel pipe finishing equipment be carried out at a certain temperature?

The fine finishing of the steel pipe finishing equipment is no need to be carried out at a certain temperature, but it can also be carried out under normal temperature.And its normal temperature of the neat is for cold finishing.And the hot finishing is heating first then do finishing work. It’s taken cold finishing or hot finishing depends on the specific requirements and the actual situation, because it is up to them to decide.

3. Is the steel pipe finishing equipment important for seamless steel pipe?In addition, is the steel pipe finishing equipment applicable to all materials?

In the production process and the step ,Alloy seamless steel pipe has the finishing process and the step, so it will use the steel pipe finishing equipment to finish this work.Therefore, it can be seen that the steel pipe finishing equipment is very important and indispensable in the production and manufacture of alloy seamless steel pipe.

Steel pipe finishing equipment using the object is all kinds of steel pipe and tubes, rods and profiles, but the applicable to plank is less, so not all materials can be used steel pipe finishing equipment for finishing, it also has the using range and objects.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/