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The follow-up operation and industry attributes of the square billet finishing line product

Jan 17, 2018

The square billet finishing line is a production line used for the finishing of square billet.With mentioned this finishing line , let’s understand as well on its application, then you can to broaden the knowledge,  also know how to correct and reasonable use of square billet finishing line.

1. Is it possible to rolling the square billet obtained through the square billet finishing line?

The square billet obtained through the square billet finishing line can be rolling, and it can be heated to a certain temperature for rolling, which is called hot rolling.Because if the square billet is billet, it is difficult to deform at room temperature, not easy to process, so it will be hot rolling.Moreover, cold rolling can be carried out after hot rolling, so as to improve the surface quality and performance of the material.

2. If the material of square billet is steel, which industry is this processing then?

If the square billet’s material is steel, then it can be called billet, which usually needs to pass through the square billet finishing line .The property of this industry belongs to the metallurgical industry, and the process is the steel making process.Work content is through some equipment will be look after cooling of the billet, such as removal of irregular cropping of front and back ends and burr in order to improve the quality of products, such as at the same time also can be used to improve product's effect.

3.Is it possible to do cutting plates with the square billet after a series of processing?

A series of processing of square billets mainly includes cutting head, cutting tail, trimming, multi-pass straightening and leveling, etc., so it is necessary to use square billet finishing line.When it passes through the finishing line, the cutting plates can be done instead of cutting plate first.

4. If products such as steel coil and slitting belt are the products obtained from the square billet which is finished by the square billet finishing line?

These products, such as steel coils and slit coil are produced by straight wind which through cutting head, cutting tail, trimming, straightening and leveling, etc.also cutting plates or rewinding.Therefore, the material needs to pass through the square billet finishing line, and this also must be carried out, cannot omit.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/