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The function of the follower gear mechanism for the chamfering machine

Dec 27, 2018

The follower gear mechanism is part of the steel pipe chamfering machine, which has multiple functions at the same time and plays an important role in the process of chamfering. First of all, by means of the action of the follow-up gear mechanism, the chamfering machine can transmit power from the sun gear to the tool to realize the self-propagation of the cutter head; secondly, it can adapt to the position adjustment of the cutter head to realize the processing of steel pipes of different diameters.


Then, how is the power transmission achieved during the operation of the steel pipe chamfering machine? From the structural point of view, the bracket of the follow-up gear transmission mechanism is mounted on the large plate, and the relative positions of the fixed bracket shaft and the sun gear shaft are unchanged, so that the fixed gear can simultaneously complete the rotation around the own axis and the axis of the steel pipe when the large disk rotates. The revolution.


At the same time, the processing requirements of different pipe diameters can be completed by means of the follower gear mechanism of the chamfering machine. The range of machining diameters is directly determined by the size of the transmission gear mechanism. In the transmission gear mechanism, the follower gear shaft and the central gear on the main shaft are coaxial.www.chamferingmachinechina.com