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The grinding ball and grinding method in the blanking machine affect the blank

May 28, 2018

Billet grinding machine, it is one of the grinding machine, and it is on various billet grinding operation, to give play to the role of normal function and the grinding machine, not a waste of grinding machine this machine equipment. The following is the learning and understanding of the billet mill, so that it can be used to make good use of this kind of grinding machine.

1. Whether the grinding ball should be used during the use of the billet grinder?

Billet mill, in the process of use, whether to use grinding ball is to see the actual situation, because it is determined by it. However, in general, it is necessary to use the grinding ball in most cases. In the specific type of the grinding ball, 92 grinding balls are selected to ensure a good grinding effect of the grinder.

2. Blank grinding machine, which testing equipment can be used in combination with?

Billet grinding machine, it is a kind of grinding machine, grinding machine, it can be used in the detection equipment, there is a high temperature dilatometer, integrated tester, friction coefficient, thermal stability, moisture, density meter and blank bending apparatus such as these. And the billet mill, it can also be used with these testing equipment, to ensure that the billet has good grinding effect, avoiding some of the defects after grinding.

3. In the laboratory, can the billet grinder be used?

In the laboratory, it is will use grinding machine of the devices, and in specific kinds of grinding machine, if it is used for grinding ceramic billet and glaze, can use billet grinding machine, as for other materials, the general is the use of dispersion grinding machine is more, because this kind of grinding machine for grinding a variety of materials, and targeted on billet grinding machine is in use, although use available but not much.

4. Does the grinding mode of the billet mill affect the particle size distribution and performance?

Billet grinding machine, it is a kind of grinding machine, the grinding method of blank size distribution and performance influence, from a professional point of view, there is a big influence, moreover, will also affect the billet grinding effect and the subsequent processing or use performance. Therefore, it is important to attach importance to this point, so as not to affect the normal use of materials and their performance.