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The host structure and the functions of each part of the plain-end chamfering machine

Nov 24, 2017

When analyzing the structure of the plain-end chamfering machine, we can understand that its core part is the plain-end chamfering main engine. The main engine includes four parts, namely spindle system, feed system, supplementary system and lubrication system. Next, let's introduce the respective roles of these systems for you.

As you should know, in fact, in the operation of the plain-end chamfering machine, its main spindle system is mainly to provide the whole machine with the rotary movement of the cutter disk during the cutting of the steel tube. Therefore, the spindle system needs to have a large speed range, so that the processing can be satisfied with the choice of reasonable chip consumption. This will be equivalent to ensure the machining accuracy and production efficiency of the machine, and also help to improve the quality of products processing.

Usually, the side of the spindle system of the plain-end chamfering machine is equipped with a rotating composite cutter head, and the other side is equipped with a synchronous belt wheel. In this way, under the driving action of the spindle motor, the synchronous belt wheel can be rotated so that the spindle can drive the rotation of the composite cutter head and reach the processing purpose of the plain-end chamfering. In addition, in order to ensure the cooling effect and reduce the machining error, the spindle bearing is also equipped with a oil liquid circulating cooling device.

In addition, during the operation of the plain-end chamfering machine, the feeding situation is mainly adjusted according to the actual work needs, such as the process of fast feeding, coarse feeding, fine feeding, fitting, fast return and so on. In the supplementary system, the chip conveyor and cooling device are mainly provided.

In addition, the lubrication system also provides a great help for the normal operation of the plain-end chamfering machine. The so-called lubrication system, mainly is used to lubricate the lathe bed lead rail, ball screw, drive gear, main spindle box and other equipment. In the lubrication process, the lubrication requirements are mainly adjusted according to the specific conditions. In addition, the system is equipped with the limited pressure valve to protect the lubrication pump and the oil feeder.