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The implementation of equipment contracting party Zhudajiu steel rolling mill

Apr 22, 2017

Before the introduction of "party Zhudajiu steel rolling mill rolling mill equipment management personnel affiliated measures", imposed by the use of status, location, key management personnel to implement the contract system of the key equipment, to accurately grasp the running status of equipment, timely implementation of effective preventive measures to maintain and improve the working performance of the equipment, for the production of escort.

It is understood that the party Zhudajiu steel rolling mill existing more than four megaton rolling line, large and small equipment thousands. The implementation of the contract system of equipment near Taiwan, are the key equipment of rolling mill this year on the production of the high failure rate of the major equipment or high technology content, responsible for the 20 technical backbone. Are affiliated to the management contractor, each working day for inspection and routine inspection of the contract equipment, and made the inspection standards and inspection, supervise operation personnel inspection, according to the requirements of lubrication and maintenance, equipment and personnel contracted operators daily inspection, maintenance and operation of the feedback to the Department of equipment of the problem of processing. At the same time, the staff must be prepared to prepare and carry the appropriate kit, at any time to check and processing equipment, timely elimination of hidden dangers.

The factory's "equipment management personnel affiliated measures" special implementation of rewards to heavy penalties for contractor, to strengthen the sense of responsibility, maintain the safe and effective operation of key equipment.