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The importance of steel pipe finishing equipment and the devices that can be used

Mar 06, 2018

Steel pipe finishing equipment, see these six words, we can see that the equipment is used to carry out the operation of steel pipe finishing, and this operation, in the steel pipe manufacturing, it is sometimes necessary to carry out to ensure that the steel pipe Good use of performance and effectiveness. So, next, will be familiar with the steel pipe finishing equipment and understanding, its content is as follows.


1. Pipe finishing equipment, which is important in the steel pipe finishing line? In addition, the finishing line can be automatically controlled?

Pipe finishing equipment, which in the steel pipe finishing line, is an important part of, and, is still an indispensable part. Because, if the lack of steel pipe finishing equipment, then, steel pipe finishing line can not work and use, therefore, will have the above conclusion. The finishing line, is to achieve automatic control, through the host computer and PLC, real-time monitoring of their operating conditions.


2. Pipe finishing equipment, whether it has primary and secondary points? What equipment is necessary?

Steel pipe finishing equipment, from a professional point of view, it is the primary and secondary points, so it is the main equipment and auxiliary equipment both. The main equipment, which is essential, and auxiliary equipment, it is to see the actual situation and the use of requirements, it is necessary to use.


Steel pipe finishing equipment, which must have equipment, is the beginning of the machine, drawing machine and straightening machine of these three, so, drawing machine and straightening machine R & D and production is a very important task , Has important practical significance.


3. Pipe finishing equipment, whether the pipe can be used to turn the roller device?

Steel pipe finishing equipment, the pipe can be used to take over the rotating roller device, and the need for equipment structure of this device, and know its working principle and the precise location on the finishing equipment. In this way, to be used correctly, and to solve some of the problems of lifting the rotating roller.


4. In the steel pre-finishing area, which can be used steel finishing equipment?

In the steel pre-finishing area, which can be used in steel pipe finishing equipment, such as Zhang Min machine and cold bed and so on. In the specific process, it is the steel after Zhang reduction machine, into the cooling bed for cooling, so that the temperature of the steel after cooling to meet the requirements, and then, can be for subsequent processing.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com