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The importance of the control of the infeed state of the round steel chamfering machine and the importance of the clamping device

Jul 19, 2018

Round steel chamfering machines, which are common and commonly used in chamfering machines, because of the many applications of this equipment. Therefore, based on this, and in order to fully understand all kinds of chamfering machines, below, we will deeply study and understand the round steel chamfering machine, in order to know how to operate correctly, and get the intended use purpose and use effect.


1. Round steel chamfering machine, is it suitable for all steel grades or grades of round steel?

Round steel chamfering machine, which is suitable for all steel grades or grades of round steel, because this kind of chamfering machine is for round steel. Moreover, according to the requirements of use and round steel of different steel grades or grades, different types of specifications or different types of round steel chamfering machines can be used in order to obtain good processing results.


2. Is it possible to control the feed state during the use of the round steel chamfering machine?

Round steel chamfering machine This kind of chamfering machine can control the feeding state during use, and it can also chamfer the two ends of round steel. That is, the feed position of the reverse cutter head is detected. Therefore, a detecting device is used to detect the position of the cutter head and the end face of the round steel, so that the real-time control of the feed state of the cutter head can be performed, that is, the three advances of the cutter head, the advance and the backward are controlled. .


3. In the round steel chamfering machine, is there a flat roller grinding machine?

Round steel chamfering machine, which only describes the chamfering operation of the round steel material, rather than the specific type of chamfering machine. Therefore, in the round steel chamfering machine, there are still some specific types. Therefore, there is a flat roller grinding machine which chamfers the end of the round steel and removes the flash burr, thereby improving the quality of the end face of the round steel. Moreover, the chamfering machine can be operated automatically.


4. Is the clamping device important in the flat-head chamfering machine?

The steel pipe flat head chamfering machine is one of the steel pipe chamfering machines and is a common type. The function of this type of chamfering machine is to perform inner and outer chamfering on both end faces of the steel pipe. Therefore, the component of the clamping device is very important. If the workpiece is clamped incorrectly, it will affect the chamfering effect of the chamfering machine and will not allow the device to have a good effect.