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The incision quality measurement standard、type and price of high speed metal cutting machine

Feb 02, 2018

High speed metal cutting machine, although its name is not short, but is basically a kind of cutting machine, and is used to quickly cut off the metal, so it will have this specific name.The following is the introduction of high speed metal cutting machine, so that everyone is familiar with and understand it, we can realize the proper use of the device and obtain good economic benefit on the equipment.

1. Is there a measurement standard for the use effect of high speed metal cutting machine or the quality of incision?

There is a measurement standard for high speed metal cutting machine’s quality of incision or use effect, it is mainly for some related parameters, such as surface roughness, the size of the incision to hang slag, trimming slope and vertical degree, stripes after take off the quantity as well as the flatness of these six parameters.And every parameter is important, so one cannot be left out.

2. Are there suitable high speed metal cutting machines for different metal materials and different processing requirements?

Because there are many different kinds of metal materials, there will be different results in the selection of high speed metal cutting machine.So different metal materials will definitely have different high-speed metal cutting machines.In addition, different processing requirements also affect the selection results of the equipment.Therefore, in the selection of the cutting machine, these two aspects are to be considered.

3. Can high speed metal cutting machine be fully automatic?Are there any domestic and imported points?

High speed metal cutting machine has full automatic one, as long as on the basis of common metal cutting machine, and numerical control technology is the PLC control, so is can realize full automatic operation, in turn, we could get fully automatic high speed metal cutting machine this specific type.The equipment has domestic and imported points, and is also different in the price of equipment.

4. Is the power of high speed metal cutting machine related to the price?Do you want to consider the manufacturer of the product in the price of the equipment?

There is no doubt that the power and price of high speed metal cutting machine have a lot to do with it.Generally speaking, the higher power of the equipment has higher price, because the two are directly proportional to each other.In the purchase of high speed metal cutting machine, the product price should take into consideration the specific aspect of the manufacturer, because it is one of the influencing factors.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/