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The Influence of the Control System of Chamfering Machine on Its Performance

Jun 22, 2018

Under normal circumstances, the control system of the chamfering machine is mainly based on the overall requirements of the pipe production line, or is designed according to the specific requirements of the machine. If the chamfering machine is required to provide a data interface corresponding to the production field bus, and the control system has the function of transferring data to the workstation, priority should be given to using a PLC control system.


If the conventional electro-hydraulic control system is selected, then although the chamfering machine can still perform the general chamfering work, the reliability becomes very low due to the use of a large number of intermediate relays, and the failure rate of the control system is high. At the same time, in each type of lane change, it is necessary to adjust the spindle speed, feed amount, and hydraulic system pressure of the headstock, which will seriously affect the production efficiency of the machine and increase the production cost.


Therefore, more and more chamfering machines are now being switched to PLC control, which will adjust the spindle speed of the headstock, that is, the adjustment of the cutting speed, the adjustment of the chamfer feed, the adjustment of the hydraulic system, and the control of the hydraulic servo valve. The control of each continuous step is unified. In this way, not only the hardware design and wiring are reduced, the failure rate of the equipment is reduced, but also the production efficiency of the chamfering machine is improved, and the chamfer quality of the steel pipe is ensured.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/