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The initial stage production mode of the square billet production line and matters need attention of blanking

Nov 27, 2017

Square billet production line, in fact, is very simple.It refers to the production line to produce the square billets. So, this kind of production line is called square billet production line. Then, the understanding of this production line is to be comprehensive and specific, so as to have a good learning effect, and at the same time, can increase the professional knowledge in this area.

1. The production mode should be adopted in the initial stage of the square billet production line

The square billet production line should be used in the initial stage of production is series operation mode. That is, the latter stage can not be carried out until the previous stage has been completed. For example, the product preparation should not be started until the product is finalized. When the production is ready, it can begin to enter the mass production stage.

In addition, we need to know that in the process of trial manufacture and production preparation, it can be divided into several links. Moreover, each stage and link are carried out in a semi-closed and independent way. If one of the links has problems, then it will affect the back link, and it will have a great impact.

2. The aspects to be considered during blanking in the square billet production line

In the square billet production line, there are many aspects that should be considered in the blanking, such as the specific parameters of materials and the equipment used. In addition, on the production line unit, whether the modular structure is adopted, whether there is a greater expansion capacity, are very important and basic. So it can not be ignored, otherwise it will affect the quality and effect of blanking.

3. The quality assurance of the continuous casting for the billet caster

In the square billet production line, the billet caster will be used, which is mainly used for continuous operation. Therefore, to ensure the casting quality, it is necessary to pay attention to its various aspects, and some important work. For example, it is necessary to check whether the arc-alignment and the spacing between the spray and dummy bar meet requirements. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to checking whether the water seam of the crystallizer is uniform. Only in this way can we achieve above goal.