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The main categories of chamfering machine

Sep 11, 2019

In general, in fact, the performance of this steel chamfering machine is also very good, which not only can ensure the accuracy of the size and make the surface smooth, but also can achieve the equipment of primary shaping. Therefore, it can be more convenient and save more operating cost in the operation process. It is mainly used to process teel, cast iron, hard plastic, non-ferrous metal and other materials.

Under normal circumstances, after the treatment of this type of equipment, the product surface is not only slick and smooth, but also is more conducive to do the welding treatment. It is mainly used to process the steel, cast iron and hard plastic materials. What characteristic does the steel chamfering machine have in the actual application 

Compared with other similar products, This kind of flat chamfering machine has many advantages. Its mass is relatively light, so it is convenient to use and install. Moreover, the vibration is very small during the operation, and the performance is relatively safe and reliable. What's more, after processed by this equipment, the product obtained also has a good quality.

So what are the main categories in the current market? In fact, it is divided into two kinds in the current market, including the flat chamfering machine and the steel chamfering machine. In contrast, the former is mainly for the plate groove and chamfer design. It belongs to a hand-propelled groove processing tool. In the actual work, we mainly use this type of equipment to complete a variety of metal sheet welding before chamfering and groove processing.

Mentioned the double headed chamfering machine, I believe you should be more familiar with it. In the practical work, we usually call it "chamfering machine" or "beveling machine". The main components include headstock, hydraulic auxiliary fixture, faceplate, clamping device, lifting roller table and so on. In addition, considering the problem of the pipe end of the thick wall steel pipe, the steel pipe chamfering machine will be equipped with two chamfering knife and flat head tool.