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The main function of chamfering machine

Mar 01, 2018

The use of chamfering machine for welded steel pipe flat, beveling process is an important process of finishing. And welding steel chamfering machine automatic production line is welded pipe end-chamfering operations of special equipment.


Under normal circumstances, this special equipment is mainly composed of two flat-head chamfering machine host and auxiliary equipment between the composition. The device is fixed by steel pipe, the tool is rotated, and the two ends of the pipe are respectively welded to the pipe end with a welded groove or pipe end flat end, and simultaneously the utility model has the functions of pouring the inner and outer burrs.


In actual production, the chamfering machine spindle will be driven by the motor will rotate, the spindle feed is mainly controlled by the servo motor, which can meet the large-size thick-walled welded steel pipe processing quality requirements. The auxiliary equipment is mainly to complete the translation of steel pipe in different positions, transport, positioning and clamping work in preparation for the host operations. The entire unit of a high degree of automation, high production efficiency.


In fact, the reason why the entire unit has such a high level of automation depends on the use of a PLC system, or a programmable logic controller, a digital computing electronic system designed for industrial use. After using this system, the production and operation of the chamfering machines have become more efficient. The system effectively executes user instructions for specific functions such as logic operations, sequence control, timing, counting, and arithmetic operations and controls various types of machinery or manufacturing processes through digital or analog inputs and outputs.


From the practical application of view, in the operation of chamfering machine equipment, PLC system has a variety of functions. These include sequence control, motion control, process control, data processing, communication networking, monitoring, and step control functions. At the same time also realized the chamfering machine timing, counting functions.    http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com