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The main reason for band saw cutting

Aug 31, 2019

In itself: due to the leakage of the hydraulic system, the saw of the speed control valve is out of control, etc., the saw cannot be smoothly lowered, and the saw band is beaten and cut, and the tooth tip force is uneven, resulting in sawing slope. If the gap between the two guide arms of the band saw is too large, the tension of the saw band is insufficient, the guide block is worn, and the saw band is not well installed, which directly affects the quality of the saw and lengthens the cut.

Reason for operation: We focus on the cause of the cutting that leads to the operation. Since the operation of the sawing tower is more than 90%, the typical performance is: install a new band saw, do not carry out any inspection, adjustment, do not carry out the new belt of the initial belt, and then use high-speed sawing. Since the cutting feed is relatively large, the saw teeth are in an extreme cutting state, and in this case, the burrs and small tolerances of the new sawtooth tip are sharp due to the sharpness of the new sawtooth tip. The new saw band is not modified to run slowly, the tooth edges will wear out prematurely or unilaterally, the tip of the tooth will be damaged, the saw band saw teeth will appear jagged, and even collapse.

The correct operation is: after the saw band is stretched, measure the vertical precision of the saw band and adjust the two guide arms to a distance of about 1 cm from the workpiece, not only to avoid the slope, but also to reduce the deformation of the saw band. Extend the life of the saw band) and a good locking block. When sawing, the sawtooth must be fed slowly (initial running-in phase) when it comes into contact with the workpiece to ensure that the serrated teeth are not subjected to too much cutting force and they can be cut normally after the running-in period.