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The material and process relation of the square billet finishing line and its cooling and common operation

Jan 23, 2018

The square billet finishing line is a series of finishing operations of the material of the square billet, so as to achieve the desired effect of the surface quality and performance, and thus ensure its subsequent processing or direct use.Therefore, it is necessary to be familiar with and understand the finishing line so as to be able to operate correctly in the actual work, and not adversely affect the operation.

1. Whether the surface processing is within the operation scope of the square billet finishing line?

When steel after plastic processing surface shape size, performance, and quality not achieve expected want processing effect, then it needs to do some operations such as cooling, winding, cutting, straightening, physical examination, grinding and packaging such as these to achieve a goal.And these are in the square billet finishing line operation range.In addition, the surface processing of the material is also included.

2. Is there any different finishing process on the finishing line of square billet with different materials?

The square billet finishing line is used for a series of finishing processes.Because the square billet material has many kinds, so different material can adopt different finishing process, in order to get good finishing effect.Although there is a certain difference in the specific finishing process or process, in general, the process of flame cleaning, cooling, straightening and cutting is essential.

3. What are the common operations on the square billet finishing line?

Cut off: cut off according to the size requirement to obtain the required dimension.

Straightening: mainly use straightening machine, the shape defect of the material is corrected.

Volume: the material is rolled into a volume to facilitate storage and transportation. The equipment is used for the coiling machine.

Coiling shear: it is carried out on the coiler and the longitudinal shearing machine, mainly the opening and cutting of these two operations.

4. Can the cooling of the square billet finish line have a variety of choices in the way?
The cooling of the square billet finishing line is to reduce the material from high temperature to room temperature so as to carry out follow-up operation.According to the different properties of the material, suitable cooling method is adopted to obtain good cooling effect without adverse effect on the material.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/