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The role and characteristics of different chamfering machines

Aug 28, 2018

With the chamfering machine, it is possible to realize the further processing of the gearbox gears in the automobile not only the shaft gears, but also the full protection and high efficiency processing of the chamfering and deburring of the tooth ends. The chamfering machine can perform single-sided or double-sided chamfering of the gears (with imported chamfering cutters).


According to the different processing characteristics, the chamfering machine can be divided into different categories, such as the axis machining machine, the disk processing machine tool, the machine tool drives the workpiece to rotate the chamfer by the tool and the workpiece, and the workpiece drives the blade to rotate the tooth end burr. . At the same time, for different processing ranges, users can choose the appropriate specifications to adapt to different types of processing.


In addition, for the processing requirements of chamfering and deburring in large-volume gear processing industries such as motorcycles, the chamfering machine can also efficiently and effectively align the gears such as hobbing, gear teeth, shaft teeth and multi-joints. The chamfering deburring is processed at the same time, the electric is controlled by PLc, the machine tool performance is stable and reliable, the operation is convenient and fast, and the machine tool can be operated without special training.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/