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Sawing machine use precautions

Sep 04, 2019

The sawing machine should be checked before use: do not wear any ring, bracelet or watch on the hand, can not wear a tie. Long sleeve cuffs need to be folded up. After these checks are completed, check whether the tightness of the saw band of the device is appropriate, the position of the scraper is correct and stable, and make sure that the upper and lower door covers are closed and locked. Know everything on the work surface and determine if it is stable and safe, and if the meat bucket is placed.

During the use of the sawing machine, the attention should be highly concentrated. Pay attention to keep a safe distance between the hand and the finger and the saw band. When the sawing machine is running, do not approach the saw band, do not do anything other than sawing on the workbench. Work; don't talk to the operator or do anything that would distract the operator. When pushing the product, please do not push the product too much over the saw belt. The force should be applied slowly and smoothly. When the saw belt is running, the operator must not leave the machine.

After the sawing machine is used, do not leave the machine until the saw band is completely stopped. Turn off the main power switch after stopping completely.