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The Square Billet Finishing Line accessories and the embodiment of finishing process

Nov 06, 2018

The billet finishing line is a production line for performing a series of finishing operations on the billet material. Therefore, it is called a billet finishing line so that everyone can have an intuitive understanding. In order to use this production line correctly and reasonably, the following will continue its learning work to achieve the above objectives.


1. Strip steel - billet finishing line, is it a billet finishing line?

Strip-slab finishing line, which belongs to billet finishing line, and is a common and common type in billet finishing line. In terms of composition, there are gantry, transporter, roller table and steel machine Such parts and equipment, the billet is subjected to shot blasting, flaw detection and grinding to obtain the finished product, and the finished product is inspected, and the qualified and unqualified products are separately transported and stored. The finished billet is then transported protectively to the designated location.


The main technical parameters of the strip-slab finishing line are the raw material specifications and length. On the system, electrical control and hydraulic system can be used, and the processing capacity and arrangement of the equipment can be adjusted according to requirements to ensure Have a good effect.


2. Why is the finishing process of the initial rolling billet finishing line controlled?

The reason why the finishing process of the preliminary rolling billet finishing line needs to be controlled is because this process is very important for the billet and affects the finishing quality and finishing effect of the billet, so It is necessary to strictly control the finishing process to ensure the smooth progress of the billet, and to have good finishing quality and finishing effect, so as to avoid problems in the finishing process and affect the product quality.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/