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The square flat grinding machine

May 16, 2018

Steel production enterprises, as a result of casting billet, steel ingot, especially long billet, after rolling length can reach 13 meters, there are some shortcomings on billet surface and the bending layer, in the process of production and processing, the need to remove these defects and the bending layer, in order to improve the yield and quality of the product. In the past, these partial folds and defects were generally made by manual grinding. Some of them are in the bracket of the rotary mill or the chain rolling mill on the grinding machine. Manual grinding, low efficiency; It is not suitable for the grinding of multi-varieties of billet and flat billet. Because of the complicated mechanical transmission, it is difficult to operate and has poor adaptability. Fang Bian billet grinding machine to overcome the insufficiency, provides a simple structure, convenient operation, wide range of application, high production efficiency, can effectively grinding out side, slab surface in the process of continuous casting and hot rolling of tiny cracks, so as to improve the surface quality of steel PiCai, meet the needs of downstream processes, improve the economic benefits of enterprises.