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The structure ,working principle and advantages of the steel binding machine

Jan 13, 2018

If the steel binding machine is used for steel binding, it can also be called a bar strapping machine.In terms of properties, it is a new kind of intelligent electric tools for steel bar construction, which belongs to electric tools.Therefore, in order to have a preliminary understanding and knowing of it, the following will be introduced, and then we can use the reinforcement binding machine properly and rationally.

1. Structure composition and working principle of steel binding machine

The steel binding machine is also known as the bar strapping machine, which is a hand-held machine and has a wire wrapping mechanism at its outlet.In addition, there are transmission rotating devices and power distribution devices.On the power supply, the charge and discharge pool can be used for power supply.

Steel binding machine principle of work specific as follows: when using equipment on the need to tie steel cross intersection, the device will automatically tie wire wound tight cut off after three times on the artifacts, namely complete a buckle tie, and time-consuming short, only 1 to 2 seconds.Therefore, its work efficiency is more than four times the manual operation, can improve work efficiency greatly.

2. Advantages of the steel binding machine

Steel binding machine's main advantage is the use of quick and convenient, and efficiency is the efficiency of the artificial three to four times, and to save manpower, reduce the workers work intensity, improve the work efficiency at the same time.In addition, it has some advantages, as follows:

(1) the machine has a small weight, no external power, and can carry it with us.

(2) in use, no need to use the fastener, it adopts the bipolar structure.Therefore, it can be easy to realize the buckle work, in connection reliability,it is also very good.Except all above, also the equipment is durable and good because of good quality materials.

3. Power and price of the steel binding machine

The steel binding machine can use a rechargeable lithium battery on the power supply for 70 to 80 minutes.Each full charge can be bundled between 1300 and 1500 knots, which greatly improves the efficiency of the work.The price range from the current market situation to several hundreds yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, the medium price is about several thousands yuan.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/