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The summary of the electric control system of the hot die forging machine

Oct 24, 2017

Analyzing from the entirety, first of all, the hot die forging machine should achieve better coordination effects with all auxiliary facilities. In addition, in this process, the corresponding control unit and detection element should also be equipped. The state transition and logical chain conditions of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical should be done well together with the process requirements.

In the hot die forging machine, what role does the electric control system play? Normally, in order to ensure the normal operation of the electrical control system and maintain a good operating state, the various modules must be guaranteed to meet the needs of long-term stable operation. Moreover, the digital and analog signals involved should be processed through the CPU.

In other words, the order control of the process flow of the hot die forging machine is realized by the CPU. In addition, the purpose of data communication with the man-machine interface of the system can be realized in this process. It should be noted that it should select the appropriate central processing module of PLC to ensure that it meets the requirements of various complex programming and high-speed instructions.

In addition, in the connection processing, it also needs to select the appropriate connection mode. For example, the PROFIBUS communication cables can be used to complete  the connection between the remote I/O next to the hot die forging machine from the

station touch screen to the CPU between the PLC cabinet. In this way, the cable of the field electrical element can enter the I/O module from the station in a short distance.

Of course, when choosing this connection, it can also reduce the amount of electric cable. In this way, it is equivalent to reduce the overall project cost, and can also reduce many fault areas, so as to ensure the long-term stable operation of the hot die forging machine.