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The technical parameters and main performance characteristics of double - head gear deburring machine.

Apr 17, 2018

With the development of the market, the double gear deburring chamfering machine can be used to different gear tooth grinding edge chamfering processing, has been widely used in automobile, motorcycle, tractor, engineering, tobacco machinery and machinery manufacturing industries such as mass production. Next, we mainly introduce the technical parameters of the double-head gear to burr chamfering machine.

From the perspective of application, the types of gear that the double-head gear deburring machine are mainly include: straight teeth, helical teeth, conical teeth, curved teeth, and extended epicyclic gear.

Main motor power: 0.4 (kw)

Diameter range: 15-400 (mm)

Processing module range: 0.6-6.

Maximum processing gear: unlimited.

Layout: vertical.

Control form: artificial.

Object material: metal.

Power type: pneumatic.

Grinding head speed range: 8000-20000rmp.

Specification of grinding wheel: 100*16* (1.5-5)

Table speed range: 1-8 RPM.

Features of double-head gear deburring machine:

First of all, the double-head gear deburring machine can obviously improve the gear transmission quality and reduce the transmission noise. Second, users in the use of the product, equipped with built-in dust collection device can be combined with actual situation, effectively saving space is also different from similar products bright spots, rows of neat, number to refer to, after-sales maintenance be clear at a glance.

In addition, the double-head gear deburring machine adopts pneumatic grinding head, and its speed can be adjusted during operation, and the working table has variable speed and adjustable Angle range of plus or minus 90. Double head gear deburring machine can automatically stop, whole painting process, closed sliding door adopts linear guide.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/