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The use attention of the swaging machines

Sep 23, 2017

After purchasing ideal swaging machines, we also need to learn the specific usage method. First, we need to complete the installation as required. Under normal circumstances, we need to lay the foundation according to the foundation plan provided by manufacturer, and then combined with the base of the platform to align. It can be used after the cement is solidified. Generally it need to wait for a week in the summer and half a month in the winter.

It should be noted that we must choose better quality cement. After the installation, we also need to pay attention to check whether the various parts of the link is intact and solid or not. If you find the screw is loose, it should be promptly reinforced. After confirming that there is no exception, we should also choose the appropriate mold and install it. When installing the mold, make sure that the closing height of the mold is compatible with the height of the swaging machines.

In addition, if we need to adjust the height, then we need to adjust it timely. When adjusting the closed height of the swaging machine, we usually use the jogging stroke. Of course, in the process of adjustment, we need to pay attention to ensure that the machine's workstations are out of the lowest limit position. It is best to keep it in the adjustment of the limit, and to ensure that the mold fixed firmly.

In addition, before opening the device, you should first check the pressure size of  the compressed air. If the pressure situation is not ideal, do not start swaging machines. In addition, we should also pay attention to check whether the operating system, lubrication system is intact. If you find any unusual problems, we must deal with timely. In daily use, we must remember not to make the equipment in an overloaded operating state.

If you have to use swaging machines for a long time, then you should pay close attention to its operation. If you find that there are abnormal problems such as overheating, then the equipment should be shut down in time for cooling treatment before they can continue to work. After the end of the work, should promptly shut down the equipment promptly, cut off the power, clean up the scene and do the shift turnover.