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The use of internal grinder and precautions during operation

Apr 22, 2017

The internal grinding machine is mainly used for grinding the inner hole surface and the end surface of the cylindrical, conical or other shaped wires. The workpiece is not qualified to be polished, the rest of the work more in line with the requirements. There are a lot of similarities between the internal grinder and the cylindrical grinder, in the processing of the type of workpiece and the grinding method has the same effect, the only difference is the location of the workpiece is not the same. The internal grinder is the inner part of the workpiece, and the external grinding machine. In addition to the principle, operation and price of the grinder, there are differences in the repair and maintenance of the internal grinder.

These common problems can not be ignored, and we use them in the production of the workpiece will always encounter, so it is necessary to solve, so as not to affect the normal use of equipment.

1, CNC Internal Grinder for grinding the workpiece type

The utility model relates to an internal grinding machine, which is mainly used for grinding workpieces in the shape of an inner circular hole, an inner conical hole, etc.. In real life, like the bearing hole, etc., can be used in the internal grinder to burnish, can improve the efficiency and accuracy of grinding. Suitable for the air conditioning compressor various workpiece grinding, bearing various workpiece grinding processing industry, all kinds of auto parts machining and grinding, all kinds of high precision, ultra high precision aerospace, ship parts of the through holes, blind holes, stepped hole, cone, sphere, cone, end face grinding.

2, how to solve the problem of internal grinder taper

The taper of the internal grinder is a problem, which indicates that the precision of the equipment is decreased and the adjustment is necessary. If the taper of the internal grinder, it should be combined with the structure of the grinding machine to adjust and eliminate the taper. The operator can first loosen the fastening screws on the bracket, and then adjust the grinding tools.

3, grinding wheel grinder

The grinding blind hole of internal grinder is easy to produce taper, which results in the decrease of grinding precision. The main reason for this problem is that the concentricity of the equipment is not good or the workpiece is not installed properly. The operator can start from many aspects to find out the cause of the problem.