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The use of steel pipe finishing equipment and the use of palletizing machine include

May 05, 2018

Steel pipe finishing equipment, which is a series of equipment for the operation of steel pipe finishing, and it contains a lot of knowledge, it is necessary to take some time and energy to master it all, and use them flexibly in the actual work. Therefore, based on this, in the following time, the knowledge of steel tube finishing equipment will be learned and mastered, so that we can also have new learning content.


1. in the use of steel tube finishing equipment, can the transmission work be controlled and carried out by the transmission system?

In the use of the steel tube finishing equipment, the transmission system can be used to control and carry out the transmission system. Moreover, it can have good use and control effect and ensure the safety of the whole transmission process. In control, the S7-300PLC is taken as the control core, the transversal car and the transmission roller are used as the control object, and the SINAMICS G120 inverter is used as the executive mechanism to realize the automatic control of the transmission in the finishing operation.


2. for small diameter steel pipes, should they use different equipment in the internal and external walls of the finishing equipment?

In the steel pipe, there is a small diameter steel pipe, and for all of us, this is also a must. In the small diameter steel pipe, the finishing operation is very important. Different steel tube finishing equipment can be used for the inner and outer walls of the steel tube, but it can also be the same kind of steel tube finishing equipment. Therefore, on this issue, the answer is not necessarily, but also depends on the specific circumstances.


3. is there only a steel tube finishing machine in the finishing equipment for steel pipe?

Steel pipe finishing equipment, which includes a lot of equipment, its wide definition, is for the steel pipe this material to carry out the finishing operation of the equipment, can be called the steel pipe finishing equipment. Therefore, it is not only a steel pipe finishing machine, but also some other equipment, such as chamfering machine, pipe bending machine, and shot cleaning machine, and so on, can also be divided into the scope of the steel pipe finishing equipment.


4. steel pipe stacker, is it a steel tube finishing equipment?

The steel pipe stacker is one of the steel pipe finishing equipment, and it is also a common and common equipment. It is mainly used in the packing line of the steel tube finishing. It is used to carry out the palletizing operation of the steel pipe so as to have a good stacking effect and facilitate the follow-up operation. Besides, this machine is also very simple and convenient to use.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/