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The use requirement of steel pipe finishing equipment and its influence on materials

Jan 12, 2018

Steel pipe finishing equipment as the name implies is a kind of equipment for finishing steel pipes.And for us, familiarity and understanding of this kind of equipment is a very important task, because if we don't pay attention on it, we can't have a good learning effect,So let’s start right now, and hopefully by learning, you'll be able to use steel pipe finishing equipment correctly and properly.

1. Are there any corresponding technical requirements and standard procedures for steel pipe finishing equipment in the process of use ?

If we look at this question from a professional perspective, for sure there are some technical requirements and standard procedures.Because we cannot guarantee the fine quality and effect of the steel pipe without these technical requirements and standard procedures.At present, some enterprises or technical person from manufacturers already put these into the technical requirements of the drawing to strictly implement to ensure the steel pipe has good product quality.

2. In the different types of steel pipes, is the equipment used in all kinds of steel pipes?

There are different kinds of steel pipes, but some steps or processes are the same for finishing different kinds of steel pipes.Therefore, steel pipe finishing equipment needs to be used.And they are also necessary equipment in most steel pipe production.This type of equipment is not available only there is a special case.

3. If many equipment will be used in the sizing ,sinking-sizing mill ,cooling and finishing process of the high pressure pipe?In addition, will the high pressure pipe change after the steel pipe finishing equipment?

The high pressure pipe is one of the steel pipe products, so it has the sizing ,sinking-sizing mill ,cooling and finishing process in its manufacturing process.In addition, also there are tube billet heating, punching and steel pipe extends.So, there are a lot of equipment that are going to be used to do this, including the steel pipe finishing equipment.

After finishing by the steel pipe finishing equipment, the pipes will change on the outside diameter.But it won't change too much,Because the finishing of the steel pipe is only to improve its surface quality and performance, not to change the appearance and performance of the material.So, there are only a few small changes.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/