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The working principle of ultra-fine ultra-fine grinding machine

Jun 24, 2019

The working principle of ultra-fine ultra-fine grinding machine can be divided into:


1. Place the material to be ground and polished on the grinding disc, rotate the disc counterclockwise, correct the wheel to drive the workpiece to rotate, press the workpiece by gravity and pressurize the workpiece, and the workpiece and the grinding disc are used for relative grinding and rubbing to achieve the purpose of grinding and polishing. . The grinding disc dressing mechanism adopts the hydraulic suspension guide rail to reciprocate back and forth, and the diamond shaving cutter precisely trims the grinding surface of the grinding disc to obtain an ideal plane effect.


2. The upper and lower grinding discs are rotated in opposite directions, and the workpiece is moved in the carrier to be both revolutionary and self-rotating. The grinding resistance is small, the workpiece is not damaged, and the uniform grinding on both sides is efficient. With a grating thickness control system, the product thickness tolerance can be controlled after processing. The double-sided grinder device includes two grinding discs, a cruise wheel, four motors, a sun gear, a noodle machine, and the like. Compared with the two, the construction of the double-side grinding machine is relatively complicated, but if the workpiece requiring double-side grinding is polished by the double-sided machine, the efficiency of the single-sided machine is twice as fast as that of the single-sided machine. The birth and development of this double-sided grinding machine has improved the productivity of many industries. More silicon wafers, sapphire substrates, epitaxial wafers, etc. are used in the optical glass industry.www.chamferingmachinechina.com