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Three-head gear chamfering machine is introduced in detail

Mar 24, 2018

Compared with similar products, when using a three-head gear chamfering machine, users can choose the built-in vacuum cleaner, which can effectively save space, which is one of the advantages of this product. The three-headed gear chamfering machine has a regular layout, all of which are referred to by a number and the after-sales maintenance is clear at a glance.


1. About the characteristics of the three-head gear chamfering machine:


From the actual application situation, in fact, this type of three-head gear chamfering machine is currently used mainly for the grinding of chamfered edges of various gears. The device has been widely used in mass production of automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, engineering, tobacco machinery and machine manufacturing industries.


2. Automatic running gear chamfering machine operating characteristics:


Users can use the automatic high-performance gear chamfering machine to process different workpieces, such as cylindrical (diagonal) gears, internal gears, internal and external straight (oblique) toothed rings, bevel gears, helical bevel gears, shaft gears, and turbines. , sprocket and other front tooth surface hot front, hot after the deburring chamfer processing. It can be used for the mass production of gears for automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, etc. It can effectively improve the quality of gear transmission and reduce transmission noise.


3, the unique performance of the three-head gear chamfering machine:


First of all, in the process of using a three-head gear chamfering machine, it has the function of automatic shut-down, and it is also particularly equipped with a high-speed brushless frequency conversion electric grinding head. Second, the device also uses a built-in vacuum cleaner design, dust box drawer design, air filter device.


Third, the three-head gear chamfering machine tool has a complete overall spray process, and the signage indicating panels are all stainless steel plates. In addition, the three-headed gear chamfering machine adopts a linear bearing guide rail for the fully enclosed sliding door, and the sliding door automatically shuts down and stops.