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Three major advantages and major parameter of the high efficiency chamfering machine

Oct 11, 2017

The main advantages of the high efficiency chamfering machine can be summarized into three aspects. The first advantage is that it has a wide range of application, and can chamfer the teeth of various gears. In view of its application, in the batch production work of the automobile, motorcycle, tractor, tobacco machinery and other industries, the high efficiency chamfering machine will be used.

The second advantage is that the products obtained by the high efficiency chamfering machine can ensure better effect in practical application. For example, we can do the deburring and radiusing of the cylindrical gear, internal and external spur gear, bevel gear, internal gear, spiral bevel gear, shaft gear or turbine and so on by this equipment. For example, in the application of automotive, motorcycle and other industries in the production of gear, it can improve the quality of gear transmission, reduce operating noise.

Screw Roller Grinding Machine.jpg

The third advantage is that when the user is using the high efficiency chamfering machine, the suitable built-in dust suction device can be selected according to the production needs. In this way, it can effectively save the space, and it is also convenient for later maintenance.

So, do you know the major parameter of the high efficiency chamfering machine? In fact, in this equipment, it uses the pneumatic grinding head, so users can adjust their speed according to the need. The worktable can achieve stepless speed change, and its inclination has a large adjustment range. In general, the maximum processing diameter is 400 mm, and can be increased to 500 mm if necessary

In addition, the high efficiency chamfering machine has no clear requirements for the maximum number of teeth, and the speed of its grinding head can usually reach 8000 - 20 000 RMP. The power of the motor is 40W. The high efficiency chamfering machine equipment also has the function of automatic shutdown and uses the  closed sliding door.