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Three major precautions for daily maintenance of machine tools

May 29, 2019

First, clean

1. Disassemble and clean each part of the felt pad;

2. Wipe each sliding surface and rail surface, wipe the table and the horizontal direction, lift the screw rod, wipe the knife drive mechanism and the tool holder;

3. Wipe the dead ends of each part.

Second, lubrication

1. Each oil hole is clean and unfilled with lubricating oil;

2. Each rail surface and sliding surface and each screw rod are filled with lubricating oil;

3. Check the transmission body tank, oil level, and refuel to the elevation position.

Third, tighten

1. Check and tighten the pressure plate and the insert screws;

2. Check and tighten the slider fixing screw, the cutter transmission mechanism, the hand wheel, the table bracket screw, and the fork top wire;

3. Check to loosen the other loose screws.www.chamferingmachinechina.com