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Tips for using the new grinding machine the running-in period

May 15, 2019

1. Before the new grinding machine leaves the factory, it will be processed by the motor with the main engine idling cold running, in order to keep the mechanical system in good condition and prolong the service life. It is recommended that you buy the new machine for the first few hours or use it cautiously.

2. When the new grinder is used, do not exceed 80% of the rated output. Because the surface of the new machine is rough after assembly, the friction coefficient is large, and the falling metal chips will be generated during the operation, and then rubbed against the materials. It will accelerate the wear and tear of wearing parts and cause malfunctions earlier.

3. The matching clearance of the new grinding machine parts is small, and it is difficult to ensure the uniformity of the matching clearance due to assembly and the like. The lubricating oil (fat) does not easily form a uniform oil film on the friction surface to prevent wear, thereby reducing the lubrication efficiency. Causes the abnormal wear of the early parts of the machine. In severe cases, the friction surface of the precision fit is scratched or bitten, resulting in mechanical failure.

Therefore, customers should pay attention to find problems at any time to avoid unnecessary losses.