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Tube finishing equipment process

Jun 27, 2019

Processes for tube finishing equipment include in-line finishing and off-line finishing.


Online finishing generally refers to the process of finishing the relevant finishing process on the rolling line. Bar online finishing refers to the cold rolling, cold shearing, inspection, bundling, packing, weighing, collection and storage of the rolling line. Process.


Off-line finishing is independent of the rolling production line. It is a process route for advanced finishing of steel. According to different steel products, there are different offline treatment processes, which are mainly used in special steel enterprises. Offline finishing.


Finishing is the last step in the quality control of special steel products. It is an important means to ensure the quality of steel, improve product quality and create quality products. It eliminates the surface and internal defects of bars by special procedures such as shot blasting, straightening, chamfering, flaw detection, grinding, labeling, bundling, weighing, heat treatment, surface suede, etc. Standard and user requirements, while also greatly increasing the added value of the product.