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Ultra-fine ultra-fine grinding machine requirements

Jun 25, 2019

Ultra-fine ultra-fine grinder technology is a new technology that has emerged in the past decade. It has extended the concept forward on the basis of traditional grinding and crushing technology. In various ultra-fine ultra-fine grinding machinery and equipment, the current application of airflow pulverizer and mechanical pulverizer in the pharmaceutical industry is widely used, and in the airflow pulverizer, the application of fluidized bed type airflow superfine pulverizer is widely used. In the mechanical pulverizer, the application of heavy-pressure grinding type* is also good. The technicians stressed that when choosing a new type of crusher, its control must meet the following requirements:

1. A screw feeder, an oscillating feeder or a star feeder can be used to ensure that the energy source in the pulverizing chamber is continuously supplied with materials to meet the material concentration in the pulverizing chamber.

2. Optimize the hierarchy. Grading is a crucial part of the ultrafine pulverizing system. A remarkable feature of the ultrafine pulverizer is that it can realize continuous feeding and discharging, preventing excessive pulverization of materials and unnecessary energy consumption. Appropriately increase the diameter of the classifying wheel, increase the rotation speed, and reduce the air flow to ensure that the separation particle size of the classifier is small.

3. The raw material entering the superfine pulverizer should be as small as possible. In order to achieve this, pre-pulverization should be carried out using an ordinary mechanical pulverizer before superfine pulverization, which is a direct and effective method for saving energy and increasing unit yield.

4, advanced dual-frequency control technology, so that the machine's control can reach a higher level, the material's discharge speed and fineness are greatly improved.www.chamferingmachinechina.com