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Use and structural composition of steel pipe end bevel chamfering machine

Aug 10, 2018

The steel pipe end bevel chamfering machine belongs to a special equipment, and its application is more and more widely used in practical applications.


About the use of steel pipe end bevel chamfering machine:

The equipment is specially applied to the flat end and chamfering processing of different types of steel pipe end faces, for example, the curved pipe and the elbow groove chamfering machine are special models designed and manufactured according to the actual needs of the user.


Specifications for the bevel chamfering machine for processing steel pipes include:

The outer diameter of the steel pipe ranges from φ89 to φ1420 mm;

Wall thickness between 5 and 100 mm (segment design and manufacture of the device);

Steel pipe length: 4 to 14 meters.


The structural composition of the groove chamfering machine:

In general, the main structural components of the equipment include a power head, a transmission reduction mechanism, a floating cutter head, a rotary spindle for movable feed, a steel pipe clamping device, a steel pipe lifting device, a conveyor roller, a loading and unloading device, and a hydraulic pressure. Control system, intelligent control system, and operation button box.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/