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What are the common faults in the use of electrode grinding machine

Jun 06, 2019

Nowadays, there are more and more applications of electrode grinding machine in the production of enterprises. However, in the course of use, various problems and malfunctions are often encountered. How should we eliminate them when there are some faults? The electrode grinding machine mainly uses a series motor, the structure has two carbon brushes, and there is a commutator on the rotor. The most common problem of this motor is that the commutator and the end of the rotor winding are burnt. Bad.


First, the commutator burned out

The usual reason is that the carbon brush pressure is insufficient. If the current continues to be large during the operation of the motor, the wear of the carbon brush is very strong. After a long time, the carbon brush will become shorter and the pressure will decrease. The contact resistance will naturally become larger, which will cause the temperature of the commutator to rise, and naturally there will be a problem of burnout. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the carbon brush regularly in time, for extending the service life of the electrode dresser. It is also very helpful.


Second, the winding part burned out

Generally, because the equipment is extremely stressed on the workpiece during operation, the friction will be very large. If the motor is in an overload state for a long time, there will be a problem of burnout, so this is a comparison of the skill requirements of the user. High, it is better to find experienced grinders to use this grinder.


In general, the electrode grinding machine is mainly used for the fixed spot welding machine and the upper and lower electrode caps of the manual welding tongs. Therefore, when using it, it is necessary to do regular maintenance and maintenance work. Only deal with this, in order to ensure that normal work is not delayed.www.chamferingmachinechina.com