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What are the configurations and technical parameters of high-performance sawing machines

Jan 20, 2019

High-performance sawing machine, which can be considered as a good sawing machine with good performance, and this is a specific type of sawing machine. It needs to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding before it can know what it is and how to use it correctly and correctly. To achieve the purpose of use. So, the next step is to carry out the learning work of this kind of sawing machine, which is as follows.


1. When purchasing a high-performance sawing machine, should you consider its important factors? Is there a factor that must be considered?

When purchasing a high-performance sawing machine, it is required to consider all relevant factors and related aspects, and it is necessary to consider important factors, but it is important to know that as long as it is related to product purchase, it is an important consideration. Can not be considered as some of these factors. In addition, it is a must-have factor, mainly for the product origin, detailed parameters, price, quality, after-sales service of the manufacturer and the product, which are indispensable, and the product use environment and use requirements are based on actual conditions. Decide whether to consider.


2. What configurations can the high-performance sawing machine have?

In the high-performance sawing machine, a special sawing action design can be adopted, that is, after the saw blade cuts the material, the working platform is pulled away by the air cylinder control, so that the saw blade can return to the origin. With this design, the processed material can be prevented from being affected by the saw blade and the surface finish is affected, and the processing accuracy is ensured.


In addition to the above design, high-performance sawing machines can also be used:

(1) Using servo motors and some automatic operations, such as automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic fuel injection and automatic sawing, etc., to improve the working efficiency and quality of the equipment.

(2) Oil pressure can be used in the feeding mode to ensure the stability of the sawing operation.

(3) In the safety of operation, a fully enclosed automatic safety door can be used to achieve complete isolation of the sawing operation from the person. In addition, it is also possible to configure a chip evacuation channel and an automatic fines collection system, as well as an exhaust gas collection and treatment system.www.chamferingmachinechina.com


3. Can the core-like sawing machine be a high-performance sawing machine? Is the technical parameter the same as the high performance sawing machine?

The core-like sawing machine is a specific type of sawing machine, which can be used for the sawing work of the core sample for taking out the core sample by the quality inspection of the road engineering, and can also be used for the sawing work of the shaped brick in the construction. Therefore, as long as the conditions are met, it can be a high performance sawing machine. In terms of basic technical parameters, it has four parameters, like the high-performance sawing machine, for sawing the test piece size, spindle speed, motor rated power and saw blade diameter.