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What are the finishing line equipment and the impact of the production process on it?

Apr 14, 2018

Finishing line equipment is the equipment used on the finishing line, collectively referred to as finishing line equipment. Since this kind of equipment was mentioned at the beginning of the article, and everyone is very familiar with and familiar with this type of equipment, here's a good chance to get acquainted with it. This will also enrich your knowledge and broaden your horizons.


1. Finishing line equipment, if it is used in the finishing of ductile iron pipes, then what equipment?

Finishing line equipment, if it is used in the finishing of ductile iron pipes, then there will be some specific equipment, for the zinc spray machine, pipe cutting machine and chamfering machine, as well as some other equipment. Since the first three devices are important devices, one cannot be omitted.


2. Why is the finishing of steel products more and more important?

This is because, as the market continues to improve the quality of steel products, so steel companies or manufacturers have realized the importance of finishing and invested human and material resources to continuously improve and improve the finishing process in order to improve the quality of finishing. And finishing effect. Therefore, more attention is paid to the finishing line equipment so that it can be used on the finishing line so as to obtain the intended effect.


3. Is there a small-to-medium size finishing equipment in the finishing line equipment?

Finishing line equipment, which is a small and medium-sized finishing equipment, and corresponding, there are large-scale finishing equipment. If, the finishing line equipment is used on the bar, it is on the specific equipment, there are two cooling beds and continuous cutting equipment. In addition, the cold bed is the grouping of bars, and then the shearing operation of the bar is performed.


4. Are there different equipment for the different finishing processes in the finishing line equipment in rolling mills?

From a professional perspective, the answer to this question is yes, and there is no doubt about it. Because there are different production processes for rolling, therefore, there are different considerations in the selection of finishing line equipment to meet different processing requirements. Therefore, the exact type of finishing equipment is certainly not the same.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/