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What are the important aspects of billet finishing and why should they be controlled?

Dec 04, 2018

The billet finishing line, which is a series of finishing operations for the billet of the billet, so some finishing equipment will be used on this finishing line to do the work well and let the side work well. The billet has good finishing quality and finishing effects for subsequent processing or direct use. Therefore, in order to achieve the goal, the next step is to familiarize and understand the billet finishing line, and the learning contents are as follows.


1. Is the control of the billet finishing line important during use?

The billet finishing line is a combination of the initial rolling and finishing of the billet, and the finishing work is performed after the rolling work, so that the billet finishing line is included. The billet finishing line is one of the billet finishing lines, so it is said that it is as important as the ordinary billet finishing line, and it cannot be treated and carried out. Moreover, only good control can guarantee the processing quality and finishing effect of the billet.


2. Billet finishing line The price of this product and the manufacturer, which one is more important?

The billet finishing line product must be considered in terms of product price and manufacturer in the product purchase work, and it is an important and fundamental aspect. If they are compared, the specific answer cannot be obtained. Because they are equally important. In addition, from another perspective, such comparisons have no meaning and value, and there is no need for comparison.


3. Will the billet finishing line be used in the production of single-rolled steel sheets and continuous-rolled steel sheets?

Whether the billet finishing line is used in the production of single-rolled steel sheets and continuous-rolled steel sheets is mainly to see if there is a need for use. Single-rolled steel sheet, which generally refers to medium-thick plate, which has been a flat plate in the rolling and finishing process, the thickness is more than 6mm, the width can reach 4800mm, and the continuous-rolled steel plate has a thickness of 25mm or less and a width. Below 2100mm.


4. Is the finishing of the rolled steel the same as the finishing of the billet?

The finishing of rolling steel, specifically, is the cutting of the cutting head, the collection of the reel, the operation of the running car, the packing and packaging of the baler, the weighing and the winding of the rolling car, etc., and in the finishing of the rolling steel, There are also these steps and processes, and there may be other processes, so the rolling finishing line and the billet finishing line are different, from the two aspects of the finishing process and the finishing equipment.