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What are the layout of tube chamfering machines

May 24, 2018

In the current society, the application of steel pipe products is more and more common. At the same time, in order to adapt to the development of the steel pipe manufacturing industry, it is necessary to design advanced tube chamfering machiness. In order to facilitate a deeper understanding of what is a chamfering machine, we will then briefly introduce its layout.


When carrying out structural design, it is necessary to first give a suitable layout plan for the complete machine according to the requirements of use, and at the same time determine the power transmission method, type of clamping device, follow-up cutting head design and control system design of the chamfering machine. After analyzing the past experience and wanting to produce high-quality steel pipes, it is recommended that the moving bed head box should be used for translating steel pipes, left and right side-pinch clamps, radial floating cutting heads, PLC control, and flexibility. Use power transmission methods and other design options.


With the rapid development of the steel pipe manufacturing industry, the market demand for tube chamfering machines equipment has also increased. This equipment is one of the main equipments in the pipe production line equipment. It completes the flat and chamfering work of the steel pipe. At present, it mainly includes two typical arrangements. One is that the two headstocks move on the same axis, and the two ends of the steel pipe are chamfered at the same time; the other is the two headstocks are fixed and dislocated. Both ends of the steel tube have been chamfered.


The above two arrangements can also be subdivided into a variety of different ways, among which the structure of the translating chamfering machine for moving headstocks is relatively complex. At present, many large and medium size submerged arc welded pipe production companies mostly use rolling head box rolling steel chamfering equipment, its main advantage is that the production efficiency, movement accuracy and cutting accuracy are high, can basically meet the chamfering requirements of line pipe.


In comparison, the design of the fixed head box chamfering machine is relatively simple. The advantage of this type of chamfering machine is that it does not require the transmission mechanism between the bed and the headstock, and the equipment is simple.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/