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What are the performance characteristics of the chamfering machine

Aug 03, 2018

The gear chamfering machine mainly performs chamfering processing on the edge portion of the acute end of the gear tooth end. The single-head chamfering machine is suitable for the gear end chamfering processing of various gears, and can be widely used in mass production of automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, engineering, tobacco machinery and machine manufacturing industries.


For the toothed parts such as gears, ring gears, turbines and harmonic gears of a certain size, the gear chamfering machine can obtain good treatment effect. The main performance characteristics of the machine are as follows:


1. The operating system of the machine adopts PLC control, color touch screen interface, convenient programming, and provides many conveniences for user operation;

2. The gear chamfering machine is suitable for medium-grinding gears, ring gears, sprocket turbines, bevel gears, harmonic gears and other toothed parts, and can perform single-edge chamfering processing on the acute end of the gear teeth;

3. The machine tool post has an automatic advance and retreat floating reset function.

4. The structure of the gear chamfering machine adopts a fully enclosed design, and has a three-dimensional appearance and an effective protective design, which is very beautiful and generous.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/