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What are the precautions in the use of CNC machine tools?

Apr 22, 2017

CNC tool grinder is a product of the combination of information technology and mechanical manufacturing technology, which represents the technical level and development trend of modern basic machinery. However, many operators have not mastered the correct way to use, the CNC machine tools can not play the greatest effect. In this regard, China machine tool business network Xiaobian for you to sort out the following security precautions:

First, CNC machine tool grinding machine before the start of the lubrication of the machine parts, check the mechanical transmission is normal, the switch button is reliable, to ensure that the wheel intact without damage.

Two, in order to start the grinding wheel to normal processing speed, idling five minutes.

Three, should pay attention to the installation of grinding wheel;

1 check the integrity of the grinding wheel before installation, tapping the wheel should hear the crisp sound, to ensure that the wheels intact without damage.

The 2 clamping part to upper wheel pad pad, after clamping for balance, installed again after finishing the new grinding wheel balance, to idle for five minutes.

Four, the grinding wheel prohibits speeding, shall not be greater than the warning speed.

Five, the reasonable choice of grinding quantity, is strictly prohibited grinding.

Six, grinding should check whether the workpiece is firmly or firmly installed, clamping the workpiece with high work and a small area of the bottom of the workpiece to be used to block or clamp the special fixture, in case of failure.

Seven, boot rotating wheel in front of the location of the station were closed, to prevent the wheel broken out or workpiece flying.

Eight, the end of the work, the machine clean, cut off the power supply, parts placed neatly, the work site to keep clean.