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What are the requirements for the safety operation procedure of chamfering machine?

Dec 27, 2017

As a user, in order to ensure production safety, it is necessary to strictly comply with the safety procedures to operate. Similarly, during the production operation of the chamfering machine, the staff should consciously abide by the corresponding safety regulations. So, do you know what the main contents include? Next, let's understand the safety operation requirements of the chamfering machine.

First of all, the workers need to wear a full set of labor protection products before entering the work area, and then check the safety status of the work area carefully. Secondly, before the equipment is opened, it is necessary to examine the chamfering machine and its surrounding auxiliary facilities well, whether the wiring is sound and so on. The equipment can be opened until it is confirmed that everything is normal.

In the beginning of the operation, the staff in the field need to pay close attention to the operating state of the chamfering machine. If there is an exception that needs to be overhauled, then the equipment needs to be closed and repaired in time. In the whole process, we must strictly abide by the corresponding safety operation liaison system and the registration system. Remember, if the repair card is not removed, the operation is strictly prohibited. Only after the confirmation, the equipment can be started again.

It is important to note that no intentional false information can be sent to the sensor at the production site. During the operation of the chamfering machine, no person shall be allowed to enter. If it is necessary to enter, such as in the operation of maintenance, it is necessary to shut down the equipment in advance, and cut off all the power supplies before the operation can be done.

In addition to the above requirements, in order to ensure the normal operation of the chamfering machine, the staff must pay attention to ensure that all the safety devices are in normal working condition. Special attention should be paid to checking the safety devices such as the limit switch and protective cover and so on.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/